FEATURED SERVICE: Emergency preparedness leadership requires a blend of competencies and techniques to maintain a safe and engaged high-performing team.

As hospital census numbers increase to dangerous levels in some parts of the country, hospital executive leaders are standing up contingency operations to meet the crisis head-on.

David Adams has designed a distinctive approach to tuning up your contingency operations leaders, getting them fit for the task. David has based the tune-up on his experiences as a contingency operations leader in the U.S. Navy and other industries. He has coached leaders to step into crisis leadership roles based on two principles: courageous leadership and transformational change. Most recently, David worked with Hospital Incident Commanders during the 2020 spring surge to rapidly tune up their crisis leadership and management skills. David quickly helped these leaders adjust their leadership and management techniques to improve communication, execution, accountability, and performance.

As another surge season ensues—as hospitals respond to the increasing demand from COVID patients—David is offering a one-day tune-up. During the tune-up day, David will:

  • Review your team’s crisis leadership protocols
  • Attend up to three contingency operations meetings (in most cases, this would be a Hospital Incident Command Structure (HICS) command level meeting and one or two branch meetings) virtually to observe leadership and teamwork dynamics
  • Develop a report on his findings
  • Present the report to executive leadership with short-range recommendations
  • Remain open to additional ad hoc coaching as needed

Developing your leaders was never as important as it is in this crisis. This tune-up will give your crisis leaders a boost in confidence and get them aligned to some contingency leadership basics. Ultimately, it will position and your contingency teams for success.

David is offering this tune-up at a discounted rate of $3000 per healthcare or hospital organization.

For more information or to schedule your tune-up, call David at 724-309-0195, send an email to david@adamsstrategy.com, or schedule a meeting with David here.


Four Core Services



Designing enterprise excellence system strategy

Excellence across all departments and teams requires a coherent strategy for optimizing your processes and reshaping your organization's culture. Specifically, we target the variability found in your management systems that restricts leadership development and causes misalignment across your organization. Our customized roadmap helps you see your next steps and guides you to new levels of safety, quality, efficiency, engagement and learning all created by your leaders and your employees.


Guiding senior leaders teams

Using current management structures, we guide your leaders to design and adopt a standard management system that centers on the customer and problem solving. Then we encourage your leaders to lead with courage, exercising the management system to strengthen teamwork and organizational values. We've done this with leadership teams across a wide range of industries and scales.



Facing rapid changes in the business of helathcare, these teams have found our approch not only good for patient outcomes, but also employee engagement and empowerment to achieve better results. As healthcare systems manage more risk, leadership teams have to innovate across discipliens and functions, focusing on patients and populations.

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

Manufacturers have used our approach to finding operational excellence through our systematic development of leadership teams as integreted management teams.  Learning to work across siloes and to focus on safety and quality to reduce cost requires courageous leadership.

Emerging Industries

Emerging Industries

Emerging businesses require rapid innovations,  new business models and scaling at break-neck pace. The teams that will rise to the top will leverage the power of leadership who have learned how to  solve problems as they promote mutual trust and respect.



Aligning senior leadership teams

Bringing your leadership teams in alignment with core outcomes of your organization from safety to great customer satisfaction ensures all are on the same page.  AIming at the same targets requires a management system to see and solve problems.  Linking the daily experience at all levels of the enterprise priotizes problems and get them to exactly where they can be solved. 

Average Percentage of Improvement Metrics

Employee Engagement60%
Customer/Patient Satisfaction55%


Optimizing your improvement system

We help senior leaders of your organization to see the potential in continuous improvement management and their responsibilities in its design, application and success.  Below are some of our clients that have benefited from our strategies.
- Signature Healthcare System
- Carpenter Technologies
- Allegheny Health System
- Resolute Forest Products
- Southshore Health System
- MSA - The Safety Company 
- Bronson Healthcare 
- Hallmark Health
If you wish to achieve great results throughout your organization, consider giving us a call at 724-441-4105 and we will be delighted to discuss your situation.